Recordings (CD, DVD, TV and Film)

We are experienced in recording for all media: CD, DVD, TV and film. We are happy to be involved in both short term projects (incidental music for TV programmes, film scores and pop artists) and long term projects (recording the complete string quartets of a specific composer or recording an album for a specific artist or group).  Please contact us and we will discuss your requirements. You can purchase any of our CDs by contacting us at


And I saw a New Heaven (Hoxa 1999)

Available to buy from Amazon and to download from iTunes

Lochrian Lollipops (Hoxa 2001)

Available to download from iTunes

Plink Plank Plunk

Let’s Do It

Just Another Rhumba

Fiddle Faddle


Colin Bayliss The Six String Quartets (New Century Classics 2008)

Quartet No. 2 – First Movement – Allegro Moderato

Quartet No. 4 – Fifth Movement – Agitato

Quartet No.5 – Second Movement – From The Frieze Of Life

Quartet No.6 – Second Movement – Wobblefunk And Tango

The Watching Bird (2015)

Available to buy from Amazon and to download from iTunes

String Quartets No.s 1-6 Springer (The Exit Label 2004)

Quartet No.3 – Part 1

Quartet No.4

Quartet No.5

Quartet No.6

Destinos Asere (Astar and Real World Records 2005)


Chez Toi