Wedding Music Piece of the Week

Special memories of our recent holiday to the Vendee area of France.  We spent a lovely family day at Puy de Fou culminating in a night ‘lights and music’ show.  Mozart’s ‘Andante’ from his Piano Concerto No 21 featured in the show and was also used as the final piece which played on a loop for the time it took everyone to leave the site.  Speakers ensured it reached every corner Puy de Fou and I will remember walking out of there for a long time to come.  Never has Mozart’s music sounded so sublime.  Subtitled Elvira Madigan, this haunting melody was used to absolutely brilliant effect in this context.  Another Lochrian Ensemble favourite, this music provides excellent signing of the Register music setting a lovely mood every time.  They don’t write them like this any more!!!  All the more relevant here as my fellow Lochrians: Cath and Ali recommended we visit Puy de Fou two years ago – we got there eventually ladies – thanks for the great recommendation!